Pay for "INTO THE WOODS, A MUSICAL REVIEW" Tuition here!  This is a musical review class on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm.  Come join us this spring for a safe, socially distanced activity! Pay tuition here, and fill out a registration form and email it to

  • Registration and Release Information

    I understand that I am enrolling my child in a musical theatre class.  “INTO THE WOODS” will rehearse on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm.  I understand that NO refunds will be given once the production has been cast.  Casting of this production is completely at the discretion of the directors.  Students will be given roles that will most benefit them.  Attendance is required and NO refunds will be given for missed classes.  If too many classes are missed, roles may be taken away or reassigned. Tickets for the performances will be sold ($10-15) to help cover performances expenses, costuming, and auditorium fees.

    I authorize Spotlight Performing Arts Center to use my child’s photo for publicity purposes without compensation.  I understand my child’s photo, name, voice, and likeness could appear in newspapers, posters to be hung around the city, web pages, press packages, and other media venues. I give permission to Spotlight Performing Arts Center to use these photos, vocal recordings, and other medium coverage for the duration of Spotlight Performing Arts Center’s existence. 

    I hereby release Spotlight Performing Arts Center, LLC, Teresa Hill-Putnam, Ashley Walter, and any instructors therein for any injury, sickness, virus or accident that may occur while my child and/or I am attending classes, workshops, activities, and/or performances.  I authorize the staff of Spotlight Performing Arts Center to act in my behalf in the case of an emergency.  I authorize emergency treatment to be given if qualified medical personnel consider treatment necessary.  I understand the risks of Covid-19, and I understand my child could potentially be exposed by participating.  I understand classes may be held in person or online at this time due to Covid-19.  Spotlight will be monitoring the situation and will plan accordingly keeping all children as safe as possible. I will comply with the procedures set forth by Spotlight.