Performance Companies

AMPLIFIED ARTS has multiple performance companies that perform all over the Denver area.  These companies also have the opportunity to perform Nationally.  Performers have performed in Disneyland, Disney World, at the base of Mt Rushmore, on a Carnival Cruise ship, and others.

Ages 4-6 yr-

Friday 5:15-6:15 pm- Mini Company (Dance, Vocal, Tap & Tumble)


Ages  6-9 yr-

Tuesday 4:15-6:15 pm- Level 2/3 Company (Dance, Vocal, Tap & Tumble)

Ages 9-11- 

Thursday 4-6 pm Level 4 Company (Dance, Vocal, Tap & Tumbling)

Ages 11+ yr-

Thursday 4-6 pm Teen Company (Beg/Int- Dance, Vocal, Tap & Tumbling)

Monday 4:15-7 pm Level 6 Company (Int/Adv) * Must also take additional ballet class if on pointe

Monday 5:30-8 pm & Thurs 6-8 pm Level 7 Company (Adv)

Vocal Company- 

Wednesday 5-6 pm (12+ yr)

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